Model 352 Borg Filters

Borg Filters


The Borg Filter uses a completly new filter design using “Vactrol”-based electronics.  Where did the Borg name come from? Buchla Model 292 Low-pass Gate + KORG MS-20 High and Low-Pass Filters.

There are two seperate filters in this module, each implemented as a 2-pole multi-mode. They can be linked as a 4-pole, or used as two independent filters. The 200 ms. Vactrol circuitry provides a certain amount of slew, giving the filter a very woody and warm tone. There is a voltage controlled amplifier mode as well (VCA).

The Borg also contains two LFOs (Low Frequency Oscillators).  Low frequency might be a misnomer, since the oscillators will track to a 15 Khz audio rate.  These two oscillators can be used for filter modulation, or for clocking of a Sequantizer, vibrato on a Classic VCO and wave sequencing of a Waveform City.


Please note: the LFOs on the Borg module do operate in the audio range, but are NOT 1V/Octave. There is some interaction between the LFOs and the Filters. The oscillators on the Borg are not intended to be keyboard-tracking, and are provided for filter modulation.


• Two seperate Borg filters
• Two low frequency oscillators
• A jack multiple
Bantam (TT) or 3.5mm jacks


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